Your Calgary Roof Controls Your Calgary Climate Experience

The top of your Calgary home or business is of topmost importance when it comes to controlling your structure’s interior temperature.

From keeping you cooler in the summer to snug and warm all winter long, the materials used to build your Calgary roof and the maintenance provided by your Calgary roofing professionals contribute a great deal to your comfort and your energy savings.

How Roofing Materials Make a Difference in Your Calgary Home’s Heat Envelope

Think about it: your roof is big—at least as big as the largest floor of your home—and it sits in the sun (or the snow) all day long. At night, it’s exposed to cool air for hours at a time, especially during the lengthy evenings and late mornings of a Calgary winter.

Your roof is one of the key places in your home for both the absorption and trapping of heat, and the rapid loss of heat when the ambient temperature in Calgary is cooler.

Ensuring your roof’s interior is well insulated is the best way to prevent unwanted heat transfer, but the exterior roofing materials you select can also make a difference. Asphalt shingles, cedar shingles, metal roofs, and different types of flashing and sub-shingles surfaces have different “R” values or insular values, and roof shape can affect things as well.

Calgary’s Roof Construction Pros Can Build the Right Roof for You

Whether it’s a new construction, a full roof replacement, or simply a re-sealing and re-shingling, Stalwart Roofing has been the most trusted name in Calgary for nearly a decade. We build roofs that provide comfort and confidence—contact us today to get started!

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