Why Summer is the Perfect Season for a Calgary Roof Inspection

When’s the last time you had the roof of your Calgary home or business inspected by a team of trusted, professional roofers? If it’s been more than a year, now is the perfect time to call us up and have us give you a once-over.

Calgary Weather is More Cooperative Than You Know

We know that summer in Calgary is no guarantee of prolonged sunshine, but that doesn’t actually make a roof inspection a bad idea—just the opposite! The scattered showers we’ve been getting can help identify any leaks or other moisture-related problems, while the sunny days we’ve had in between are excellent for roofing repairs.

Call today, and a roofing team from family owned and operated Stalwart Roofing—Calgary’s premier roofing company—will head on out to inspect your roof. We’ll climb up and look around from the outside, and we’ll probably poke our heads into your attic or crawlspace to have a look from the inside, too.

If we see any moisture where it shouldn’t be, or any other roof maintenance issues we think you ought to be aware of, we’ll give you a rundown right there on the spot, and we’ll be able to discuss your repair options and give you a firm estimate on the costs, as well. You get full-service, honest, straightforward roofing help from one of Calgary’s most trusted companies.

Call Now Get Your Calgary Roof in Shape!

Wherever in the Calgary area your home or business is located, give us a call now and we’ll come check out your roof as soon as possible. Summer is roofing season, so don’t miss out!

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