Why Proper Ventilation is Important for Your Calgary Roof: Part 1

You know your roof is one of the most essential parts of your Calgary home. You take good care of it, having it regularly repaired and inspected by professionals like us here at Stalwart Roofing, making sure it’s well-sealed against the snow, the rain, and the wind…

…and then your roofing contractor tells you that ventilation—purposefully opening your roof and attic space to the elements to allow for an air exchange. What gives?!?!

The truth is, while one of your roof’s primary jobs is protecting the rest of your home from the weather, it needs to stay just the right amount open to that weather in order to do that job right.

Ventilation Prevents Roof-Damaging Ice Dams During Calgary Winters

One reason roof ventilation is important is that it keeps your attic cooler during the winter. If your attic space stays too warm, snow on the roof can melt even when the temperature outside is well below freezing—a common occurrence during a calgary winter. This can allow the runoff to re-freeze in eavestroughs and at roof extremities, which can lead to undue stress on these roof elements.

This, in turn, leads to excess wear and tear on your roof, and can even cause catastrophic damage to affected areas of the roof. Proper ventilation prevents this problem, and a well-insulated rafter area will keep your cold attic from cooling down the rest of your house.

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