When Your Calgary Roof Springs a Leak

Even the most well-constructed roof in Calgary is susceptible to damage and runs the potential of leaking at some point. Certain areas of your home or business’s roof are more prone to developing leaks than others, and other factors—weather, materials, construction methods, and maintenance efforts—can also impact the likelihood of your roof letting moisture into your home’s interior.

A leak isn’t the end of the world, though! If you act quickly, many leaks can be fixed with a minor repair that will keep your roof working the way it’s supposed to for years!

1. Limit the Damage Your Roof Leak Can Cause.

Though it might seem counter-intuitive, the first thing you should do when you notice a leak in your home or business’s interior is cut or poke a hole in the ceiling to allow for fast and direct draining. This might seem like unnecessarily causing further damage to your home, but by the time you notice the moisture the damage is already done.

Make for easy draining and you’ll stop the moisture seeping through your roof—and the damage it’s causing—from spreading any further.

2. Call the Calgary Roofing Specialists

Do not climb up on your roof and try to find and fix the leak yourself. Getting up on a roof is always dangerous, and when a roof’s integrity has been compromised it poses an even greater risk. Let the professionals determine where your roof’s weak spot is, and keep yourself and your family safe.

3. Keep Your Roof in Good Repair

After your roof’s leak has been found and fixed by a professional Calgary roofing team, invite them back frequently for regular inspections and basic maintenance. Preventing roofing problems is a lot cheaper and safer than waiting for them to show up.

If your Calgary roof needs tending to, give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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