When is the best time for a Calgary Roof Installation?

  Stalwart Roofing and our stalwart Calgary roof installations have seen every type of weather the mountains have throw at us.  Calgary is prone to such large seasonal variations in weather that many homeowners are left wondering which time of the year is the best for roof repairs or roof replacement.  Each season brings its own benefits and challenges, and having a seasoned roofer evaluate and service your roof is one of the best choices you can make.  That’s why we at Stalwart Roofing have a clear plan of action for your roof replacement and eavestrough repairs for every time of the year – weather might slow us down but it doesn’t stop the show.  Read more on the considerations of roofing in different seasons by clicking here

Every time of year is a good time to think of your Calgary roof

In 2013 Calgary roofs, eavestroughs, and envelope seals were tested to the extreme by the deluge that bombarded the city for weeks.  As water cascaded down around us we were flooded with calls from homeowners with old roofs who were seeing water penetrating the interior of their home.
2012 & 2014 saw us bludgeoned with a barrage of hailstorms.  The worst of the hail storms wrought havoc across whole communities, smashing windows, marring shingles, bending eavestroughs, cracking siding, and damaging cars.  Insurance claims for roof repairs and eavestrough replacement kept us climbing ladders for months.
The winter of 2012 had huge icicles hanging from our eavestroughs and ice dams caused leaks city-wide.  2011 saw wind storms stripping shingles off of roofs and left us doing roof repairs Calgary wide as well as up to Airdrie and Cochrane.  Our scorching summers combined with our high elevation means we get blasted with intense UV during our 18 hour summer days.

In Calgary, Old roofs are the roofs that fail

Older roofing products are softer and more malleable than today’s shingles.  Subsequently they are more prone to degradation for a variety of reasons – the asphalt was of a more basic composition, the fibreglass mats were thinner, there was less gravel, etc.  10 years ago most shingles installed on Calgary roofs came with a 20-25 year manufacturers warranty.  It is normal to see a functional life of 12-16 years out of these products, as they simply cannot stand up to the rigours of our wildly fluctuating weather.  Read more on shingle life and Calgary roof maintenance by clicking here.
Shingles 10 years and older are more likely to be affected by our ever-more-frequent major weather events.  Shingle composition and shingle manufacturing technology have changed over the years.  Today’s techniques provide you with products that are going to last for decades. Modern products are rated for 30-50 years, and the difference in quality and physical characteristics is noticeable.  If you have a roof 10 years or older and you’re not sure if it’s OK, call the professionals and Stalwart Roofing today and we’ll come and give you our honest and educated opinion.

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