Trust Is About People

If you trust your contractor you know the job is done right, no matter the challenges along the way.  Our knowledgeable staff are dedicated to delivering excellent service, meet them below:

Aaron Gourley

Aaron founded Stalwart Roofing in 2006.  He began roofing when he was 19, and during summers and between semesters while attending the University of Calgary Philosophy of Ethics Program.  The physical challenges of roofing and the intellectual challenges of owning a business drew Aaron onwards.  In 2006 he decided to dedicate his future to providing Calgary with an upstanding and reliable choice in roofing and exteriors.  Since then Stalwart Roofing has seen to the successful completion of hundreds of roofing installations, eavestrough & gutter installations, and fascia & soffit replacements.  As a HAAG certified roofing inspector and with over a decade in hands-on experience, Aaron is a proud family man and a successful business owner.

Diane Browning

Diane Browning has been with Stalwart Roofing for 4 years.  Diane’s professionalism, attention to detail,  and gentle nature are evident in our constant stream of happy customers.  Hailing from Northern Ireland and residing in Canada since 1990, Calgary is lucky to have a proud and educated citizen join its ranks.  Efficient and dedicated, Diane ensures our office runs smoothly and that projects are tended to on time.

Jolaine Dagnone

Jolaine Dagnone has been head of marketing for Stalwart Roofing since 2010. Jolaine’s outgoing attitude and keen business sense has helped keep the calls coming in to Stalwart Roofing over the years, and her diligent and organized nature have helped keep our ship sailing straight, so to speak. Jolaine is an invaluable member of our team.

Laura Gourley

Laura Gourley has been working as our company photographer & web designer since early 2014.  Laura’s raw talent with graphics, photography, and overall artistic understanding has helped use capture the essence of Stalwart Roofing & Exteriors.  Laura has many side projects, and is the author of Flux Photograpy.  Laura is an accomplished painter & photographer, and works with many different mediums.

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