Three Maintenance Tips From Calgary's Top Roofers

While we never recommend stepping out on your Calgary rooftop without proper safety equipment and professional training, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your roof well maintained and in solid working order. Here are our top three tips, from the Stalwart Roofing family to you and yours!

1. Scan Your Roof for Moss and Debris

The only things that belong on your roof are shingles (or tiles), and foreign objects—especially organic matter such as leaves, twigs, and moss—can cause rotting and other damage to your rooftop. Keep an eye on your roof, especially after Calgary’s prairie wind blow debris around, and remove anything in easy reach that shouldn’t be there. For everything else you can’t reach with a broom, call the professionals.

2. Repair Leaks Promptly

If you notice a leak in your attic or anywhere in your top floor’s ceiling, don’t simply try to patch it from the inside and hope for the best. Even a tiny leak in your roof can be a big problem, and waiting through weeks or months of Calgary’s changeable weather will only make the problem bigger, more difficult to live with, and more expensive to repair. Call a team of roofing professionals right away and save yourself the future headache.

3. Make Regular Roof Inspections a Priority

Many roofing problems can be caught before they threaten the integrity of your home. Regular inspections from a team of experienced roofing experts can improve your roofs longevity and performance. Stalwart roofing is happy to offer roof inspections for all homes in the greater Calgary area and free estimates for any needed repairs. If you want to know what’s up with your roof, give us a call today!

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