The Trouble With Discount Calgary Roofers Part 1

Stalwart Roofing is a family-owned, Calgary-centered roofing business, and we pride ourselves on serving our community and our Calgary neighbors with affordable, honest, and high-quality roof construction, inspection, maintenance, and repairs. We’ve earned loads of repeat business and an A+ rating from the Southern Alberta Better Business Bureau in close to a decade of doing business in Calgary, and we’re looking forward to another ten years.

There are other roofers in the area who promise lower prices, and while we have no problem with some competition—there are plenty of roofs to go around—we do think everyone in Calgary should be aware of the potential pitfalls of hiring a discount roofing company. Few things in life can deliver true value at discount prices, and roofing definitely isn’t one of them.

First and foremost, it takes training and lots of on-the-job experience to become a real expert at roofing inspections and repairs. This kind of experience comes at a bit of a premium; roofing crews staffed with non-specialists and general laborers are cheaper, no doubt, but the work they perform might not always be up to snuff.

At Stalwart Roofing, we work with the same professional crews to ensure that the quality of everyone’s workmanship—and the quality of every Calgary roof we touch—is absolutely top notch. We believe a fair wage for a job well done is more than worthwhile in the long run, and we’d stack our workers against a discount roofer’s any day of the week.

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