The Importance of a Well-Insulated Calgary Roof: Part 2

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A well insulated roof will also help keep your home cooler in the summer by keeping more of the hot air outside where it belongs. After double-paned windows, proper and up-to-date roofing insulation is one of the best moves you can make to give your home a sturdy thermal envelope and make it as energy efficient as possible

But that’s not all the benefit you’ll derive from fully-insulating your Calgary roof

An Insulated Roof Interior Keeps the Calgary Elements at Bay

Keeping your roof insulated during the winter helps keep your house cozy and warm by preventing heat loss, as we’ve already said. Blocking heat transfer between your attic space and your roof’s exterior also helps prevent the formation of ice dams—a buildup of ice in your eavestroughs, at your roof edges, and in any nooks and crannies in the middle of your roof when snow melts and then re-freezes.

This typically happens when heat from your attic melts the bottom-most layer of snow on your roof while temperatures outside remain below freezing. Adequate roofing insulation prevents the snow from melting in the first place, so ice dams can’t form and cause significant damage to your roof and eavestroughs. Proper attic ventilation is an important part of this process, too, and shouldn’t be overlooked by your roofing team.

Get Your Calgary Roof Check Out Before the Snow Comes

If it’s been more than six months since you’ve had your roof looked at—inside and out—call Calgary’s premier roofing team for a professional inspection today. We’ll make sure you’re good to go for the winter and all year round.

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