The Importance of a Well-Insulated Calgary Roof: Part 1

We’ve devoted a lot of space on this blog to talking about your roof’s exterior. It makes sense; your roof’s primary job is to protect you, your home, and your possessions from the Calgary elements, and the exterior bears the brunt of that responsibility. Shingle or other weather-resistant coverings, flashing to seal up corners and irregular areas, and the sub-layers of your roof are your first line of defence against wind, moisture, and everything else Calgary’s climate can dream up.

The interior of your roof is just as important, though, both for the support it provides to the exterior and the direct comfort it provides to you, your family, and anyone else lucky enough to be living under your Calgary roof. Making sure that your roof is well insulated is important in both regards: it helps make sure your roof’s exterior is well protected and able to do its job properly, and it helps to keep you safe, snug, and warm inside your Calgary home.

Roof Insulation and Home Heating/Cooling in Calgary

The better your roof’s insulation is, the less heat transfer there is between the air in your home and the air outside. This effect is especially powerful in the winter as hot air tends to rise—if your attic space is a veritable sieve of hot air, it will take a lot more energy (and money) to keep your home’s interior warm.

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