Tenting, Blowoffs, and Other Common Calgary Roofing Problems

Leaks and moisture seepage are some of the most insidious roofing problems experienced by homeowners in Calgary and elsewhere, but those aren’t the only issues you can face from an improperly constructed or poorly maintained roof. Here are a few other issues you should be on the lookout for.

Tenting Roofs are No Fun for Calgary Residents

Tents are great for camping, but not so much when it comes to the roof of your Calgary home or business. When flashing and substrate layers aren’t properly sealed to your roof’s structure, they can tent upwards and create pockets for air and moisture, reducing your insular value and increasing the potential for further roof damage.

If you see a bulge or tent in your roof, call for help!

Blowoffs Leave Your Calgary Roof Bare

Tenting and bulging create spaces that catch the wind, and indeed any unsealed edge or seam can let the wind in. All of these problems increase the chance for the wind to get underneath your shingle layer, and potentially other sublayers of your roof, tearing off the top of your home and leaving patches exposed to the elements.

again, if you see anything starting to lift, call for help and get it fixed before it becomes a bigger problem.

Dings, Dents, Damage, and other Calgary Roof Problems Fixed with a Phone Call

Whatever type of damage you notice on your roof, the sooner you get it fixed the faster, more affordable, and more secure your roof will be. Call family-owned Stalwart roofing for all of your Calgary roofing needs and make sure your roof’s on right!

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