Sun Tunnels in sunny Calgary

Sun Tunnels in sunny Calgary

Sun Tunnels brighten things up

Sun Tunnel installation in a hallway

Sun Tunnels are a great way to bring natural light into an area that does not have access to windows.  They are a much simpler and more cost effective solution than skylights, and typically can be installed in a day.  They can be wired with electric bulbs inside to provide light even after the sun sets.  It is very important to have an experienced installer perform the work, as one wrong move can mean the entire ceiling needs to be repaired.  There are four major factors to consider when placing sun tunnels:


  1. Roof Structure – While a general area may be selected for sun tunnel placement, the final placement will be according to where the trusses lie.  We must only use the space between the trusses as they must not be cut or weakened.  There must be an attic space above the desired location, and there must be a clear path up to the roof deck
  2. Electrical Wires – Care must be taken to ensure that electrical wires do not run through the desired area, or are moved away prior to cutting the drywall
  3. Existing Lights – The sun tunnel can be installed in the place of existing lights and new hardware connected to the existing switch, or the tunnel can be installed in an entirely new location.  It is important to make sure placement is in a complimentary placement for maximum aesthetic value.
  4. Desired Light Level – How many sun tunnels to be installed and what diameter they are will be determined by the size of the space and how much light the customer would like to introduce. In our experience the general sentiment after job completion has been the more the merrier!

Once placement is determined then the cutting begins. Drywall may be cut once. If the hole isn’t put in the right location then the repairs can be very intrusive for the residents of the home – an experience no one wants. This is one of the most important steps, and great care must be taken. After the hole in the ceiling is cut then comes the hole in the roof, after which the hardware goes in. Installation here is best done by a professional roofer. Improperly installed skylight flashing will allow water to enter the roof and damage the ceiling.  The vapour barrier must be repaired and sealed around the sun tunnel to ensure that warm humid air does not enter the attic around the penetration.  As you can see, there any many factors to consider and is important to consult a reliable roofing contractor.

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