Roofing & Sun Tunnel Project in Calgary

Roof Sun Tunnel

A complex roofing job in Dalhousie

This roof replacement project in Dalhousie was intricate and required proper planning.  We had tasks on both the outside and inside of the house, as the customer had requested the installation of 2 sun tunnels.  The original roof on the house had been installed many years prior and the roofers had taken a number of shortcuts that affected the quality of both the shingles and plywood roof deck over the years.
The previous roofing installers had failed to cut enough holes for vents.  The two they did install were in the wrong place and the roofers had not bothered to cut the holes large enough to allow any significant air flow.  In the summer this meant an excess of heat, which lead to the faster deterioration of the shingles as well as a buildup of heat in the living area.  During the wintertime this allowed for humid air to stagnate in the attic.  and freeze to the rafters, insulation, and underside of the roof deck.  When the weather warmed up and the ice melted and water penetrated the plywood sheeting.  We found that some of the plywood had delaminated – meaning the layers were separating.  The plywood had become soft.  It was rippled and buckled and was no longer providing the kind of support required.  We replaced about a dozen sheets and added some H-clips for support.  There was also some rot repair along the eaves due to ice build-up in the eavestrough.  After we replaced the damaged sheeting we sealed the holes of the existing vents and installed the Ventilation Maximum system in the correct locations with the correct aperture.
We had 2 sun tunnels to install, so we had to coordinate the sheeting replacement with the installation of the tunnels.  The hallways in the house were quite dark, and as a lover of light the homeowner wanted to brighten the area up.  She went with the large 14″ diameter model and was very happy with her selection.  We removed the existing pot lights and cut the holes larger to accommodate the sun tunnels.  We wired a light kit into the sun tunnel using the existing switch and the tunnels now serve as lights at night.
We had our work cut out for us as the garage had 2 layers of shingles.  This job took us 2 days from start to finish, and an hour the next morning to ensure that the job site was clean and free of nails and debris.  We installed the Malarkey Legacy Storm Grey shingle.  It works really well with the taupe siding and white trim on the house.  Everything went very smoothly.  The neighbours commented on how professional and polite our crew was, and we have yet another happy family living under a Stalwart Roof!

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