Start the New Year Right with a Roof Inspection from the Calgary Experts

The new year is here; is your roof ready to handle it? Make sure it is and look forward to a year without roofing worries. Call Calgary’s premier roofing experts and we’ll check out your shingles, flashing, and eavestroughs to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape for 2015!

Roof Inspections Keep Away Costly Roof Repairs

We’ll be blunt: we’d make a lot more money if people in Calgary never got their roofs inspected. Catch a problem with your roof or your eavestroughs early on and it’s usually fixed quickly and cheaply. A quick path, a few new shingles, resealing some flashing, and your home’s structural integrity (not to mention your family and your belongings) will be kept dry, safe, and warm with minimal effort.

Let a little leak or other problem go unnoticed and unrepaired, though, and a minor roofing issue can become a rotten beam or joist, moisture in the walls of your home that can cause all sorts of damage, and myriad other problems. Calgary’s winter snows and spring rains can accelerate the process, making a regular roof inspection a necessary part of your home’s annual upkeep.

Eavestroughs Need Attention, Too!

While roof problems can let moisture in at the top of your home, clogged or leaky eavestroughs can lead to puddles and minor flooding in your basement. Protect your house from top to bottom with a regular inspection and a few simple repairs, and you’ll be protecting your household budget, too!

Call Calgary’s top professional roofing team today and make sure your house and your new year are as solid as can be.

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