Shake Roofing Conversion in Strathcona

Shake Roofing Conversion in Strathcona

We had our work cut out for us on this shake to shingle roofing conversion in Strathcona. The chimney had some poor flashings from the initial home construction and there was some rot under the stucco, the skylights were leaking as were the eavestroughs, and the wood shake roof was at the end of its life. This is the 4th house we’ve worked on directly or via reference for these homeowners, proving the value of good word-of-mouth and quality service.

Roof repair, eavestrough repair, flashing repair, & skylight replacement

Wood shake to asphalt shingle roofing conversion in Strathcona

The house has been standing since 1983 and most of the products were original. The skylights had been installed improperly and over time due to expansion and contraction the vinyl frames had split and begun to leak. The skylight repair required us to re-flash the curb (frame) around the opening, and to replace the actual skylight windows themselves. Fortunately the problem was addressed immediately and rot had not began to form.
The wood shake roof repair was starting to degrade but was still waterproof. The savvy homeowners had chosen the right time to replace the product. They chose the Owens Corning Duration shingle in Shasta White, and added extra ventilation to promote good air exchange and drip edge to compensate for the old eavestrough.
It looks like the original chimney had been finished as an afterthought. The flashing had been installed improperly and when we took it off – as you can see below – the wood behind was literally soil.
This roof had a leak in the flashing around the cimney and as a result was completely rotten

This roof had a leak in the flashing around the chimney and as a result was completely rotten

This required us to grind off some stucco to allow us to remove the rotten boards. We had some metal custom made to fit over the newly exposed area to avoid the need for new stucco.
The homeowners wanted to be sure that we addressed every possible issue to avoid any problems in the future. We took our time to go over every detail with the customer and ensure that every aspect of the roof, fascia, eavestrough, and skylights were going to last into their retirement without issue. We have made these customers very happy with our work – something we try very hard to excel at and that helps us to stand out from Calgary Roofing Companies. We had lots of issues to consider. We took our time and our installation was smooth and seamless. We are proud to call this a Stalwart Roof and to stand out among Calgary’s best roofing companies!

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