Roof, soffit, fascia, & eavestrough installation in Calgary

This job in south-east Calgary is ready for action.  The homeowner has done a lot of work making their new home beautiful and sound.  Built in the 60’s there were a few issues that presented themselves upon inspection.  At one point the house had some serious condensation issues, and the plywood roof was buckled, warped, and in some places de-laminated.
Close inspection of the attic found that the root of problem had been solved years ago by installing gable vents to complement the roofing vents already installed on the house.  There was no sign of rot or mould, but we still had to re-sheet the house so that the premium roofing shingles we used would last the lifetime they are designed for.  The homeowners love and pride in their house was evident from our first meeting, and we were delighted at the opportunity to bring this old house up to standard and make it beautiful.

In order, we performed the following tasks on the roof of this wonderful Calgary home:

  • Remove the old shingles and dispose of the waste –   We are environmentally oriented, so the old shingles are recycled and turned into roads!
  • Re-sheet the house – The plywood was warped and unusable.  We installed new 7/16″ OSB onto the roof so that the new shingles would last the life of this Calgary roof installation.
  • Install underlay – Best practice dictates an air, water, and vapour barrier be installed under the shingles for optimal waterproofing performance
  • Install Malarkey Legacy shingles – Calgary has a lot of harsh weather, different for every season.  The Malarkey Legacy shingle is some of the best roofing product available.  Infused with a rubber compound, the Legacy brand of shingles will stand the test of time.  With a class 4 hail rating (the best possible rating a roofing product can receive), these shingles are what we like to install most during our roof replacements in Calgary.
  • Install High Profile Ridge Cap – The High Profile cap gives the roof a rugged and more durable look, and and long-term survivability to your Calgary roof installation.
  • Install 6″ metal fascia cladding – The aluminium fascia cladding goes right over the top of the wood giving it a beautiful look and making it entirely maintenance free.  Metal fascia installation is recommend in Calgary because our wildly varying weather causes a lot of wear and tear on the wood and can quickly go from painted to peeling to rotten.  Once we clad the fascia in metal it never has to be dealt with again!
  • Install vented metal soffits – The metal soffits ensure that air movement is occurring in the attic, just as your wooden soffits do.  Once installed the area never needs maintenance again.
  • Install 5″ continuous eavestroughs – The last job to be done on almost any project is the eavestrough and downpipes.  This is to ensure that no damage can occur to the soft metals before the job is complete.

This house turned out beautifully and we are proud to have worked on this Calgary roof, eavestrough, fascia and soffit.  We are proud to add this home to our gallery of Calgary roof and eavestrough replacements.  The homeowner was immensely grateful for the hard work we performed on her home, and her word of mouth praise has kept us busy with even more Calgary roof installations!

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