Roof Repair in Calgary: Keep Calm and Keep Your Roof On

Stalwart Roofing has been serving the Calgary area since we opened our doors in 2006.  We’re happy to handle all re-roofing and roof repair jobs for Calgary area homeowners, even at a moment’s notice. Our track record speaks for itself: call the Stalwart Roofing professionals, and you’ll get your roof on right the first time.

We’re happy to share our expertise, too, so before you commit to a rushed patch up job, here are a few tips to our local Calgary households:

1: Don’t Let a Roofing Mishap Make You Panic

Roof repair situations often pop up as roofing emergencies.  Notice a leak, structural damage on the ceiling, or shingle wear that suddenly turns see-through—and you might be tempted to call just about anyone willing to help.  When you need your roof fixed – even in an emergency – take the time to call a qualified roofing company.  With a reputable roofing company – even a serious roof emergency can be a breeze.

2. Limit the Damage Your Leaky Roof Might Cause

If you notice a leak or other damage to your roof that exposes your home to the elements, your first step is to protect any belongings to limit their exposure. If possible, you can tape plastic down (or a tarp) to protect floors and walls from moisture as much as possible. Any wet or soaked debris that is safe for you to clear away should be removed immediately, but don’t go up on your roof or you might find yourself in need of Calgary medical experts in addition to a roofing crew!

3. Call the Calgary Roofing Professionals

Get on the phone to Stalwart Roofing right away. We’ll come out at no cost and no obligation, assess the roofing repair work that needs to be done, discuss your options and give you a detailed estimate, and with your approval we’ll get to work ASAP. You’ll be back to enjoying a solid, well-sealed roof in no time!

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