Roof Inspections Keep Your Calgary Home Safe

There’s plenty you can do to keep your Calgary home secure, including one big step that many homeowners never think of: regular roof inspections. Getting your roof inspected isn’t going to keep burglars away,but Calgary is pretty safe when it comes to crime already. Weather does far more damage to Alberta homes than unwanted visitors, and keeping your roof right is an essential part of keeping wind and moisture out.

A Well-Sealed Roof is the Best Home Warranty Available in Calgary

Making sure a roof is constructed properly is the first step in making sure it does its job the way it’s supposed to. Eavestroughs that are securely attached, leak barriers that protect the roof deck from moisture damage, shingles that are secured against the wind to provide the final layer of protection, and flashing for any areas of your roof that might serve as weak spots or moisture channels—around chimneys, vents, and corners—these are all essential parts of weather control and home maintenance.

Building your roof right is only the start, though. Every roof in Calgary really ought to be inspected once a year to ensure that any lifted shingles, loosened eavestroughs, or unsealed flashing is promptly found and fixed before the damage reaches any deeper. Regular roofing inspections catch problems when they’re small, manageable, and affordable; wait until you see evidence of the problem on your home’s interior, and you’re already looking at a much more serious repair.

Call Calgary’s Professional Roofing Family for Your Roof Inspections

Family-owned Stalwart Roofing has been keeping Calgary’s roofs in perfect condition since 2006. If it’s been more than a year since your last roof inspection, call us today and make sure your roof is still on right!

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