Restoring, Repairing, or Replacing Your Calgary Roof: Part 5

If you’ve been reading along, you know that most Calgary roofs other than asphalt shingle roofs can’t really be restored—sections can be repaired, but replacing cedar shingles and tiles is often necessary, and replacing the entire roof is inevitable after a while. Asphalt shingle roofs will eventually need replacing, too, but unlike other roofs they can sometimes be restored.

If your asphalt Calgary roof is in generally good repair and doesn’t show extreme wear, the restoration process begins by ensuring all shingles and flashing are properly sealed. After that, your Calgary roofing professionals will be able to re-granulate your shingles, ensuring they have adequate weight to withstand the wind and providing protection against the sun’s UV rays, which can cause the asphalt to become brittle and break down.

Re-Granulating Your Asphalt Shingle Calgary Roof

After ensuring your roof is properly sealed, your Calgary roofer will spread a clear acrylic sealant on top of your shingles, in preparation for adding the granules—small pieces of rock and other substrate. A full, even coat of granules (that match your roof’s current color, of course) will be spread over any de-granulated shingles, and when the sealant dries you’ll have a fully-restored asphalt shingle roof!

The drying process after re-granulation can takes at least 4-6 hours before the shingles can be walked on, and up to a full day before they should be exposed to moisture, so this process shouldn’t be done when rain is potentially on the Calgary horizon.

To talk to a Calgary roofing professional about restoring your asphalt shingle roof, contact us today!

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