Restoring, Repairing, or Replacing Your Calgary Roof: Part 4

Asphalt shingle roofs, like all types of roofs, eventually need to be replaced, but as you learned in previous installments of this article the lifespan of most other types of roofs can’t be prolonged via restoration processes. This is a major advantage of asphalt shingle roofs, and can help save Calgary homeowners some money by adding a few years to the life of their roofs.

Restoring Asphalt Shingles on a Calgary Roof

As you read in Part 3 of this article series, an asphalt roof needs to be in generally good repair before you can consider using a restorative process rather than simply replacing your roof. Restoration can’t fix real damage, and it can’t be used to keep your roof going indefinitely, but if wear is minimal and the roof doesn’t need more extensive repairs, shingle restoration can keep your roof warm and watertight.

The first step in restoring a roof made of asphalt shingles is ensuring they’re all sealed down, with each layer attached to the one beneath in an overlapping pattern that keeps moisture running down your roof and away from your home. All corners and edges, especially where chimneys and air vents protrude through your roof, will be checked to ensure flashing is secure and also sealed down.

At that point, the asphalt shingles can be re-granulated to help them last even longer, holding up to several more years of Calgary winters.

Learn about the asphalt shingle re-granulating process in Part 5.

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