Restoring, Repairing, or Replacing Your Calgary Roof: Part 2

As you read in Part 1, Calgary roof coverings like cedar shingles and ceramic tiles can’t really be restored—when they’ve been damaged or show advanced signs of wear, they need to be replaced. Replacing individual tiles and shingles that have suffered specific damage can be a more affordable short-term solution to a more complete repair, but when it’s an issue of overall wear replacing your shingles or tiles is your best bet.

Metal roofs are a newer roofing option that many Calgary homeowners are beginning to adopt. Though more expensive than most other roof options, they are incredibly durable and can last 80 years or more. Like cedar and tile roofs, though, there’s no way to quickly and simply restore sections of a metal roof. Damaged areas can sometimes be patched, though the integrity of the roof will never be quite as high in these areas.

Any of these roofs can be repaired in sections if certain areas show more wear or are damaged by the Calgary weather, and such repairs will help improve the overall longevity of your roof and help postpone your inevitable roof replacement.

Restoration Possibilities for Your Calgary Asphalt Shingle Roof

Unlike other roof coverings, asphalt shingles—which is still the most popular roofing choice among Calgary homeowners—can not only be replaced in sections when needed, they can actually be restored. This won’t make them quite as good as new, but it can stretch the life of your Calgary rooftop by a few years.

Learn how asphalt shingle restoration works in Part 3.

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