Replace the whole roof Installation or just half?

As every Calgarian knows all too well, the weather in our vast city can be fierce no matter the time of year.  Blistering sun, howling winds, driving snow, torrential rain, bludgeoning hail, and ice & frost coating every square inch.  Calgary is so expansive that we frequently experience different types of weather all at the same time.  We roofers often get to see storm cells roll down from the mountains and across the prairies, drifting across the valley Calgary and into the distance as the sun beats down the whole time on our sunny rooftop.  As beautiful and fearsome as it may be, the weather takes its toll on your Calgary roof every day.  Minute forces can over the course of decades affect your installation and long-term performance of the roofing product.

Shingle deterioration happens at different rates on different parts of your roof, as we’ve discussed in detail on our previous blog.  Often times we see different wear patterns on the roofing materials based on orientation to the sun and prevailing winds.  This can lead to a distinct variation in the condition of the shingles or in the roofing product, expressed by visually identifiable patterns in gravel retention.

Occasionally this leads to the question,

“Should I replace my whole Calgary roof or just the worn portions?”

Gravel retention is king when it comes to long-term roof health.  Most of the time we receive calls to replace a roof when the shingles are ragged and the asphalt mat is visible.  Gravel loss is a runaway effect and the most important element to consider is that the condition of the roof on the ‘OK’ parts is at best 2 years behind the worst parts.  Usually it is 1 year or so behind. The additional costs associated with returning to the home a second time outweigh the benefits of partial replacement.  Areas exists where the new shingles and old shingles must overlap and can be problematic.  In the end the vast majority of home owners choose to shingle the entire roof.  With our handy payment options available and flexible scheduling, we are always able to get out customers the roof they need even if finances are tight.  We are ready to accommodate all of our customers’ requests!

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