Regular Eavestrough Maintenance Keeps Your Calgary Roof in Good Repair

Eavestroughs are deceptively simple. Though they’re nothing more than basic vessels for carrying rainwater and snowmelt that collects on your roof, eavesroughs are key in protecting your home from the Calgary elements from top to bottom. Keeping your eavestroughs clean and well maintained ensures that runoff won’t damage your home’s foundation and also keeps your roof in tip top shape.

Clean Eavestroughs Prevent Rot and Moisture Buildup on Your Roof

When leaves, dirt, and other debris collect unchecked in your eavestroughs they add weight and pressure that the troughs really are not designed to handle over long periods. They also increase the risk of overflowing eavestroughs, which leads to erosion around the foundation of your home in addition to other problems.

Debris buildup can also lead directly to roof damage, as it creates the potential for moisture and organic material to gather around the edges of your roof. This can lead to rot in and underneath your shingles and the eaves of your home, potentially causing major structural damage over the long-term. This can more quickly lead to smaller leaks in your roof that threaten the integrity of your home’s interior and adversely affecting your comfort and the safety of your possessions.

Call the Calgary Eavestrough and Roofing Experts

To keep your eavestroughs clean and in good repair, or to repair any damage they may already have suffered, call the experts at Stalwart roofing today. We’ll make sure your runoff is running smoothly and that your roof is staying high and dry.

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