Proper Preemptive Winter Care for Your Calgary Eavestroughs

Winter is fast approaching here in Calgary, and that means it’s high time to make sure your home’s eavestroughs are all right, secured tight, and ready to put up a fight. Here are three quick steps to making sure your eavestroughs are ready to handle the rough weather ahead.

1. Give Your Eavestroughs a Thorough Cleaning

Your eavestroughs ought to be cleaned out several times a year, but it’s especially important after the leaves have fallen and before the snows start. Clearing all unwanted debris from your eavestroughs will help prevent too much snow from building up, allowing it to melt and drain away more freely.

2. Make Sure Your Eavestroughs are Strong & Secure

Snow will never drain away as fast as rainwater, and the winter weather always adds some extra weight to your roof and your eavestroughs. Strong and secure eavestrough attachments will prevent them from pulling away and causing damage to your home’s exterior—not to mention keeping the moisture contained where it’s supposed to be.

3. Consider Eavestrough Heating Elements

For the tech-forward Calgary homeowner, heated eavestroughs can be worth considering. Designed to melt the small layer of snow nestled in the bottom of the eavestrough, these devices cause snow to run off and drain away rather than building up, which can save a lot of strain on your eavestroughs. Though not always essential, these can be useful in many Calgary homes.

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