Your Calgary Roof Installation & the Seasons

  In Alberta our seasons fluctuate wildly, blistering heat in the summertime and biting cold in the winter.  A chinook arching over the mountains can usher in a 30° temperature change in a matter of hours, bringing with it gusting winds and unfettered sunshine.  Weather is the fundamental reason for roofing – we’re protecting your home from it.  We also need to protect your home from weather while we’re actually doing the work.  The old adage “If you don’t like the weather in Calgary, just wait 10 minutes” is a familiar tale on the roof, that’s why every choice we make with is strategic, with our eye on the sky and on the hourly forecast.

A professional roofing company plans ahead

As professional roofers we know the risks of water penetrating into  the home, so we prepare by Checking the weather forecast – this is the first task in every roofers day. The 24 hour forecast gives us a general idea of what we can expect the next day.  In the morning the 12 hour forecast for Calgary is very accurate, and lets us plan for our day with relative confidence.  Next we must make a plan to accommodate for our current season.  Here are some of the major considerations for each season:

  • Spring – Rain, and winds are our frequent companions.  When we shingle in the spring our roofers will typically remove only the amount of roof that can be re-shingled that day.  The portion of roof deck that is exposed when the old shingles come off is immediately covered in underlayment.  In Calgary, roofing underlayment installed properly will once again render your house watertight.  We carry a full complement of tarps in the event any freak storms blow in unexpectedly.
  • Summer – Summer in Alberta can be scorchingly hot.  Temperatures on the roof can be 10° hotter than on the ground.  Shingles laid in the heat of summer will seal immediately – which is a good thing, but because the product is so hot it will become soft and susceptible to mechanical damage by foot traffic.  An inexperienced or careless roofer can visibly damage to the shingle and the product.  An experienced roofer will move at the right speed and plan the right route for installing your roof without disturbing the gravel on the shingles.  In the heat of summer our best plan of action is an early start and lots of water.
  • Fall – Balmy weather, soft breezes, and a riot of colour mark the typical fall season in roofing.  This is by far the most temperate and enjoyable time to work.  Occasionally we’ll have some wind to deal with, so in fall an experienced Calgary roofer will ensure all debris is securely placed in the bin as soon as it comes off.  Roofing in Calgary is running full steam ahead in the autumn months, right up until the end of December, in the middle of our next season:
  • Winter – Calgary roof installations slow down in the winter, but by no means cease.  With the chinooks that so frequently blow in over the mountains to help us out, it is easy to work during the winter months.  Roofing at -5°C or -10°C is actually quite comfortable., and snow is easy to blow & shovel off the roof.  Debris will freeze in the snow and can be difficult to remove, so care must be taken to place tarps under all work areas.  Typically if a roof is shingled in the winter we will return when the snow melts to perform an additional clean-up.  Shingles are formulated for installation in cold climates and easy to install.  With today’s advanced shingle technology there is no more risk to a roof installed in the winter than in the summer.

 As you can see, we have a plan of action for every season, planned and executed with quality in mind and, honed from our years of experience as a successful Calgary Roofing Company. At Stalwart Roofing we take our work seriously, and accommodating for the weather is just par for the course. We work throughout the year.  You can see some of our projects by clicking here.

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