Preventing Ice Dams on Your Calgary Roof: Part 1

Ice dams are a fact of life for many in Calgary, but there are actually a few steps you can take to protect your roof by limiting or even eliminating ice dam formations. Here are a few tips to help you do exactly that.

Keep Your Calgary Attic Cold

A warm attic leads to a warm rooftop, and that means melting snow. When this snowmelt runs down to the colder edges of your roof it refreezes as ice, and this builds up into an ice dam—a moisture-blocking wall that can force water back up underneath your shingles, causing damage via moisture, the pressure of ice expanding as it freezes, and the added weight of the ice on your roof edges.

The colder you can keep your attic, the less chance there is of ice dams forming in the first place, and that means preventing the heated air from the rest of your house from climbing up into the attic. Seal the underside of your attic (the attic floor and the ceiling of the upper-most livable level of your house) at wall edges, around light fixtures, and at any other gaps using caulk, spray foam, and other suitable materials, and you’ll see far fewer ice dams forming.

Have Your Calgary Roof and Attic Checked by a Pro

A cool and well-sealed attic is the best way to prevent ice dams, and a Calgary roofing professional is your best bet for ensuring you don’t have any leaks. Contact us for an estimate today, and read Part 2 of this article for a few more tips!

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