Preparing Your Calgary Home for Roof Replacement Construction

Constructing a new roof for your Calgary home is a detailed undertaking, but it’s not exactly delicate. Because your home will be undergoing some major construction while your old roof is taken apart and a new roof is installed, there are some things you might want to do in order to keep your belongings safe and make the transition as easy as possible.

1. Remove Items From Your Walls During the Roof Construction Phase

The near-constant hammering and other construction work that goes into building a new Calgary roof will cause a lot of vibration through the walls of your home. This can cause pictures and knick knacks to shift or even fall, so to protect your belongings from damage we recommend taking thing down from your walls and other precarious perches until your new roof is complete.

2. Clear Your Driveway and Your Calgary Yard

Falling debris is simply a part of the roofing construction game, so leaving the area surrounding your home clear is important for your belongings and for the safety and success of your roofing construction. A trusted team of calgary roofing professionals will limit major debris to a portable dumpster stored on your driveway, when possible, but making sure the full perimeter of your home is clear is a good idea.

3. When Possible, Consider a Trip Outside Calgary

Your new roof construction won’t take too long, and in most cases you’ll be able to stay in your Calgary home during the construction period. The noise and constant comings and goings of the crew are stressful for many homeowners, though, so if you can plan a brief vacation and leave the job in the hands of Calgary’s most trusted roofing contractors, you might find the process a little easier.

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