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The options and upgrades on your estimate are typically not required for the job to be completed, but they do provide functional or aesthetic value to homeowners and to their homes. Each entry contains a link to our blog where you can read about the benefits of the upgrades or services in greater detail.

Commonly selected roofing upgrades

Drip Edge

Of all the upgrades we offer, drip edge is almost always recommended. Drip edge serves two purposes on your roof installation: it serves to ensure that water is channelled into the eavestrough instead of behind it, and serves to keep water from wicking up the wooden roof deck when snow and ice piles up on the eavestrough. This problem will cause rot to occur over time up to about 6-8″ up from the bottom of the eaves, and is common to see on around 20-30% of houses.

Ventilation Maximum

Ventilation Maximum is a great product that provides a long-term benefit to your home. It is designed to harness the Venturi effect and actively draw air in through your soffits and out through the vent, which is installed at the top of the roof and projects about a foot above the ridge line. Older roofs breathe more because there is no underlay installed, once the underlay goes on it is very important to ensure ventilation is adequate.

High Profile Ridge Cap

High Profile Ridge Cap is installed for two primary reasons. First and most popularly is curb appeal. Upgrading to High Profile ridge cap gives your roof a more “sawtooth” profile that is noticeable from the street and can add great look, especially if a lot of the roof is visible from the ground. High Profile ridge cap also protects the roof from hail damage, as there is often a cavity in the sheeting in these areas and they are susceptible to damage.

Re-flash Chimney or Skylight

The metal around chimneys or skylights will deteriorated in time, and must be changed periodically to ensure a sound roof replacement. At a certain point the metal will corrode and will no longer shed water. This is particularly problematic in areas that see high volumes of water, such as the valley and behind chimneys and skylights.

Rot Repair

Rot repairs are necessary on about 20-30% of our roofing installations, and 90% of the time this rot is along the eaves.  While time consuming and labour intensive, the process itself is simple:  cut the rotten wooden sheeting out and replace it with new product.  The cost is usually fairly low, although in some special circumstances it can be more.

Sun Tunnels

Sun tunnels are a very popular way to bring natural light into an area that does not have access to windows. The process takes just a few hours and is minimally invasive. Every single homeowner who has elected to have Stalwart Roofing install a sun tunnel for them has been delighted with the results, and the sentiment has always been the more the merrier. Bathrooms, walk-in closets, office spaces, hallways, etc, are all areas that benefit from natural light enlivening and enriching the space. Light is caught by the dome and reflected down the column onto a diffuser plate that softens the clean, natural sunlight and sends it evenly throughout the room. There are no hard shadows. They can be fitted with lights, remote control dimmers, and can be wired into existing switches so that they can be used at night time.

Less Common tasks during a Calgary roof replacement

Replace sheeting on roof deck – Sometimes the plywood on an older roof will have de-laminated and will no longer hold onto the nails.  The plywood is typically removed and new sheeting is installed.  This is costly and time consuming and is almost always caught during the estimation process. If the house is very old the roof decking might be ship-lap – planks that run horizontally across the roof. For most shingle manufacturers this will invalidate your warranty, so we often end up re-sheeting these houses too.
Remove siding and replace or install flashing – Sometimes the metal flashing will be in very bad shape and we will have to remove vinyl siding to install new metal.
Install new flashing & counter-flashing on a stucco house – On houses that have stucco and the flashing is deteriorated we will install new flashing and install counter-flashing flush with the wall.  This is much cheaper and more preferable to smashing out all the stucco and then having it repaired.

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