New Calgary Roof Installation in McKenzie Towne

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Roof replacement on new construction

This new roof installation in McKenzie Towne was the icing on the cake for Stalwart Roofing & Exteriors.  The homeowner converted his old two car garage into a much larger work area.  After framing and sheeting the structure with his son, he turned to Stalwart Roofing to take care of the roof installtion as well as the soffit and fascia installation.  We really enjoy taking the reins on more complex projects as they give us the opportunity to showcase a variety of our services all in one place.
The homeowners had done an excellent job in framing the renovated structure and all the lines were straight and clean.  Since there was an insulation attic we installed 5 turtle vents to ensure long term roof health.  After the roof was complete we turned to the soffit and fascia.  An insulated attic needs vented soffit, and we installed 6″ fascia slotted into the gable trim that sat under the shingles.  Again, since we had taken the reins on the exterior from the roof to the soffits, we were able to use best practices and ensure all of the best products were utilized
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Soffit and Fascia installation in Calgary

After the roof installation we installed synthetic vapour barrier on the vertical sheeting, then we installed our 6″ fascia and slotted it into the gable trim.  This allows for the fascia to be securely held to the boards with enough room to expand and contract without causing unsightly buckling.
After the fascia goes on then comes the J-channel and soffit.  Since the homeowners had taken the care to accurately measure their overhangs, the installation of the soffits was smooth and simple.  The finished product was clean and tidy, and our foresight left the homeowner with enough roof to finish their siding without difficulty.
From start to finish the whole job went like clockwork, and we took a lot of stress off the homeowner.  Knowing the roof installation was well put together gave him the peace of mind to get to work on the rest of the building, and since then we’ve seen the benefit of word of mouth spreading to his family who are also in need or a reliable Calgary roof installation!

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