Roof Leak Repair and a Happy Calgary Customer

Roof Leak Repair and a Happy Calgary Customer

In Calgary’s wonderfully rainy June when mother nature was coaxing flowers and buds from the earth, old roofing projects were beginning to show their age.  We received a call from a customer who had begun to see water coming into her son’s closet and down the wall and needed a leak repair.  The drywall was beginning to sag and we had to act quickly to ward off any further damage or potential mould.

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Damaged drywall due to a leaky chimney

The roofers who shingled the home when it was first built had pierced the backpan – the flashing behind the chimney – and covered up their mistake with roofing tar.  The expansion and contraction of the metal over time caused the tar to crack and water began entering the home.  For the leak repair We removed the siding, replaced the metal, and installed new shingles around the chimney.  Everything went very smoothly and the customer was now able to fix the interior damage without worry.  The homeowners were so pleased with our prompt leak repair service they wrote this wonderful review:

“We just moved into our house and a month later, we discovered a water leak coming through one of our upstairs bedrooms. We are new to Calgary and hearing all the horror stories with shady workmanship we were very scared to falling trap into one of the notorious tradesman scams but we looked on the website and Stalwart Roofing was at the top of the page and we felt confident calling them because they were approved by the BBB. After contacting Stalwart, their office staff were very compassionate about our leak and sent someone that afternoon to look at our roof. It wasn’t as bad as we expected and we were so thankful for their honesty and quick response. The next day the roof and the leak was repaired by two very skilled tradesmen, they were safety conscious and cleaned up every drop of the mess. We had a follow up call from the owner the following week to ensure that we were satisfied and weren’t experiencing any further problems. We have not had a leak since and are even considering getting some touch up repairs done through Stalwart to ensure the rest of the roof is in good shape. We were happy with the whole experience and didn’t even find it necessary to look at any other quotes because the pricing was very reasonable. We highly recommend Stalwart Roofing.” – Julie & John

This is just the kind of response we are looking for in every client, and this kind of word-of-mouth is the cornerstone of our successful Calgary Roofing company.

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