Keeping on top of your winter roof installation

Tarps protect the house and property from being marked by shingles

A professional roof installation begins with proper planning.  Ensuring that the small details are taken care of enables us to work smoothly and without issues.  Protecting our customer’s home from falling debris is a very important job that is often overlooked by other Calgary roofers.
On this house in Harvest Hills in Northwest Calgary, we set up our ladders, removed the snow from the roof, then from the walkways.  We laid out our tarps on the ground to protect the finished driveway and covered the back patio with tarps to the to stop shingles from causing damage or marring the finish.  The tarp that hangs down from the front of the house is there to protect the garage door from shingles that get blown off course when we’re throwing them in the bin.  Oftentimes this is accompanied by 1 or 2 strips of OSB to protect eaves troughs from dents or dings during the course of the roof installation.
When we shovel the snow off the roof it often lands on sidewalks, decks, and the like.  It’s important that this be removed before the shingles are lifted so that debris does not mix with the snow and then get shovelled onto the grass.  Loose nails can be a danger and careless cleanup can leave them buried in the grass.  That’s why we shovel it onto tarps and drag it entirely clear of the worksite before any shingles are removed.  We then put our clean tarps down on the clean concrete and begin the hard part of the roofing installation:  removing the shingles.
Cleanup is an important part of delivering a high quality and successful roof installation, which is why our deliberate planning for diligent cleanup is the first thing we attend to alongside safety before any other work occurs.

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