Is Your Roof Ready for Calgary's Winter?

We’ve been telling you all year round to make sure your roof is well maintained and in good repair. Now’s the season when a thorough, professional roofing inspection pays off the most. Make sure your Calgary roof is ready to weather the winter weather before the snows set in.

A Roofing Inspection in Time Saves…Nine

We’ve never been quite sure what that saying means, but it’s something along the lines of, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” or, “he who hesitates (to inspect his roof) is lost (when a partial collapse make his Calgary home unlivable).”

Basically, getting your roof inspected now means you can catch and fix any minor problems before the snows make them major headaches.

Snow hits roofs with a double whammy of weight and moisture, which can push your structure to its limits. Any weak or damaged areas of your roof—even a simple gap between some shingles or a cracked and unsealed piece of flashing—can give way under the pressure and the destructive power of water on wood, leaving you with significant damage that the weather makes difficult to repair.

Why go through all that trouble when a timely inspection can make it all unnecessary.

Contact Calgary’s Premier Roofers for Your Roofing Inspection Today!

Stalwart Roofing has been serving Calgary homeowners for close to a decade, and we’re proud to consider each of our clients a member of the Stalwart family. Join us by scheduling an inspection for your roof, and make sure you’re all ready for the winter.

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