A guide to the best wooden flooring

If you're buying for an area within your house that has heavy traffic then you may want to consider purchasing hardwood (the hardest of woods is jatoba and the most stable is oak either will provide you with the performance you need for heavily trafficked areas). You should also note that your wood will most likely be affected by sunlight, so ensuring that the wood has a high quality finish should be an important task for your to do list.

Choice of finish

Choosing how you'd like yourwood finishedwill depend on the look that you're going for. For example, if you're looking for a natural look that still provides protection than an oiled finish will be most suitable. On the other hand, if you need a finish that will provide more water resistance than oil, then a lacquer finish may be most suitable.

Complementing your wood

To complement the colouring of your wood you can use rugs; this will soften what can be a relatively cold flooring choice as well as protecting wood in areas that sees the most use.

Being prepared for gaps

If you're new to having wooden floors in your home then you'll need to know what to expect. One thing that frequently takes people by surprise is the fact that wood contracts and expands as according to the temperature. This means that you're floor may look slightly different throughout the year and you may even notice slight gaps. This is perfectly normal and simply a natural way that wood behaves.

Types of wood

Solid wood

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Solid wood is where wood is used in it's natural and original form. Solid wood benefits from unique character and patterns that are individual to that piece of wood.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood may be considered as a far more practical wood as compared to solid wood (albeit it less beautiful). Engineered wood also tends to be more stable and easier to lay as compared to solid wood.

Engineered wood consists of layers of wooden boards that are glued and pressed together; this is then finished with a topping of timber (which can be any type of wood). Because of it's construction, engineered wood is great for resisting warping, buckling and cracking).

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