Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens effectively divide the bathroom into dry and wet areas. If you install space saving fixtures on the dry side, such as a wall hung toilet and a pedestal sink, you can allocate more wriggling room for your shower enclosure. Frameless shower screens are the best options to creating a beautiful space out of your bathroom.

Frameless shower screens are made from thick tempered glass ranging from 3/8 inch to inch thickness. Generally, larger glass screens would require thicker glass to ensure that it can bear it's own weight. Since there are no metal frames or sidings involved, a frameless shower screen has exposed glass sides, which are often curved or bevelled for both safety and appeal. Frameless screens are attached through metal hinges or tracks.

There are varieties of glass available. Some prefer to use frosted or distorted glass to provide a bit of privacy while in the shower. These types of shower screens are called modesty panels, and are ideal options so that a bathroom can be used by more than one person at a time. Clear transparent shower screens, on the other hand, are also known as disappearing panels. The clarity of the glass makes it seem as if the shower enclosure is invisible, making your bathroom space appear large and airy. Clear glass also let's in a lot of natural light.

The cost of frameless shower screens is a good deal more than their framed counterparts. However, frameless shower screens are not only more appealing, they are more durable as well. The absence of metal frames make them very easy to clean and maintain, while tempered glass is fairly able to hold up well against wear and tear brought by daily use. Frameless shower screens are also a good investment as they definitely increase the property value of your home.

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