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Late year, I did a two-week intense mind-body-spirit cleanse (at a detox facility; more on this later). That was followed by a three-month at-home cleanse (it takes that long to generate new red-blood cells). Then several weeks later, I followed with an intense eight-day liquid-only colon cleanse. Why did I do it?

When toxins and impurities are removed (from the liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, skin and blood, for example), the body can more readily heal, repair tissues at the cellular level and maximize on the nutrients you feed it, just to name a few.

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Here are the remaining six things that you need to do (and know about) when eliminating toxins.

Use reputable products . The Blessed Herbs colon-cleanse is amazing and it comes with everything you need to do the job right (literally). Look for these and other herbal and naturopathic methods and products because they're the best way to conduct a cleanse. It requires some research but it's worth it.

Go green . Most cleanses are five to seven days long (and some even require a pre-cleanse fast with only juicingi.e. the juice from fresh, organic produce such as cucumbers, kale, carrots, spinach and collard greens). This prepares your body for a liquid-only fast.

Consume fermented foods and drinks . This aids with elimination and they are packed with the necessary enzymes to also help with digestive functions (especially if you tend to be constipated). Most are easy to make at home too.

Eliminate animal products . Avoid all packaged foods to maximize on your cleanseespecially meat. If you have dietary restrictions and cannot juice alone (and/or choose to eat meat), choose organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free poultry and fish. However, a raw food diet is highly recommended over eating any meat. Making fresh homemade vegetable soup can substitute for meals if you must eat.

Detox-rich foods : Fiber-rich foods and organically-grown fruits and vegetables including radishes, cabbage, broccoli and beets are great detoxifying foods (that you can use before and after a cleanse). Also herbal green tea and herbs such as dandelion root are great aids.

Taking care of the outside . There are several things you can do to help with a detox, including hydrotherapy, colon therapy and using the sauna to sweat (it eliminates waste through perspiration). Also, dry-brushing your skin is ideal during cleansing (and daily as well).

If doing a detox at home isn't appealing to you then you'll want to read the next post. We will be discussing where to go for an intense three-week mind, body and spiritual cleansefrom what to eat, exercises to do, how to prepare raw foods and juicing, and what to do when you go at-home.

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