Describing the Breakfast Nook

If you are looking for a way to describe the breakfast nook the first thing you have to do is decide whether you are talking about the breakfast nook as a space or as a set of furniture. Some homeowners refer to the area at the end of their kitchen or the room just off the kitchen where you dine as the breakfast nook. Other homeowners use those words to describe the kitchen furniture that you put in those spaces. Once you determine which way you are using the term breakfast nook, then you can start to look into certain characteristics that make a space or a furniture set a breakfast nook.

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The first thing you might say when describing the breakfast nook is that it is where you put your kitchen dining set. However, there are things that delineate the breakfast nook more clearly so that you can tell the difference between a kitchen nook and an eat in kitchen. There should be something that makes the nook area different from the rest of the kitchen whether that is a change in wall color, the addition of a chair rail, or a change in flooring material. You want the breakfast nook to be clearly different from the rest of the kitchen.

Another thing that people say when describing the breakfast nook is that there are a lot of windows. Typically the three walls of the kitchen nook are covered in windows so that in fact there is very little wall space. The reason there are so many windows in the breakfast nook is that you want to let in as much natural light as possible. You will be sitting in the breakfast nook set first thing in the morning and at the end of your day and those are two times when the power of sunlight is good for your mood.

If I we're to describe a breakfast nook when I meant the furniture then of course the kitchen furniture set would include a kitchen table and some kind of seating. The seating can be chairs, benches, or a combination of both; but benches are often a trademark of breakfast nook sets. You are not very likely to find benches in a formal dining room. The breakfast nook benches bring another common characteristic of the breakfast nook, breakfast nook storage. The space under the seats of benches is great for storing anything from kitchen linens to small appliances.

If I we're going to describe my breakfast nook furniture I might also say that it is durable and easy to clean. Since my family eats almost every meal at this table and my children use it to do their homework or do art projects while I cook it gets a lot of use. The materials it is made of must be strong and easy to clean. You should stay away from porous materials that can absorb spills and stains or chip or scratch easily.

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