My First Mezcal

For a few years now, my friend and I have talked about Mezcal, the process of making it, origins, even half seriously talking of creating our own Mezcal import company, Mezcal, Mezcal, Mezcal! Knowing my friend, it wasn't surprising to me that there'd be some sort of Mezcal available to be sipped and, as expected, yes, there was an entire Mezcal tasting bar, offering up some of the highest quality of said Mexican "firewater". And as expected, I drank all of them.

Now I'll be honest and say that I really do not consider myself much of a straight up liquor aficionado. Outside the realm of cocktails like a pisco sour or a margarita (on the rocks, no sour, fresh lime juice, triple sec, salt and of course tequila), I don't really belly up to the bar to throw back a few shots- at least not anymore; but the endless conversations I have had on this special drink compelled me to jump right in and sip, sip sip away!

Expecting these Mezcal drinks to be very similar to tequila I was shocked when they surprisingly revealed themselves to be something uniquely different- almost like single malt scotch different. Smoky, Peat-y, Barbeque-y, WTF-y?! These Mezcals tasted nothing like any tequilas I have had in the past, these we're quality beverages of the sippin' persuasion: smooth, robust and easy on the way down, not some of the harsh swill you forced down your gullet as a teen hoping for a quick buzz, slightly cringing every time you brought the bottle toward your lips.

A most delightful expression of personality came from each of these little bottles. Yes, a fine Mezcal warrants the appreciation given to most fine whiskeys.

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