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Decorative stone comes in a variety of textures, styles, and colors, each with features that suit different purposes. Some work best as a wood mulch alternative while others work well as a ground covering for driveways and garden pathways. You can learn more about your decorative stone options below.

Brick Chips

Brick chips are a 100% recyclable alternative to wood mulch and a great decorative stone option. These chips are made from bricks ground into smaller bits and make for a more long-lasting ground cover that's perfect for areas requiring good drainage. Walkways and parking areas also benefit from the aesthetics of these brownish-red chips, which maintain their beauty and color for years to come.

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Lava Rock

Lava rock is another decorative stone ground covering and mulch replacement option. These rocks last for years and have a more subdued color compared to brick chips. As mulch, lava rocks help plants retain moisture and cool temperatures at the roots. While lightweight, lava rock is still extremely durable and long-lasting, thanks in part to the way it was formed.


You've probably seen lucky stones around pools. These tan and cream-colored stones are " to " in size and have a smooth and round textureperfect for walking barefoot on. They're also great for use around planting beds.


Limestone is another great option as a ground covering for roadways, driveways, and backfill. Its white color and texture provide an elegant surface for cars to drive on without sacrificing the kind of traction homeowners are looking for. Another common use for limestone is as a base on which to pour concrete.


Gravel is best for walking paths and/or basement window well. There are a number of styles and colors to choose from. Another common name for gravel coverings is pea gravel.

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand is a covering that is brownish in color and is recommended for uses as a bedding layer between a base layer and pavement layer.

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