Inspecting Your Calgary Roof From the Inside

Roof leaks might start on the outside, but they’re almost always easier to spot on the inside, where moisture isn’t supposed to reach. Water seeping between shingles or under flashing might not leave immediate and obvious signs, but if the interior of your attic or crawlspace starts taking on water you’ll be able to see it right away—as long as you’re taking the time to look.

Check Out Your Calgary Roof’s Bottom Regularly

You should ideally be looking at the underside of your roof after every major rain or snow storm, and at least three to four times a year. The sooner you spot a leak starting, the easier it will be to repair—catch it soon enough, and you can prevent any long-term structural damage and make patching that leak your only roofing concern.

If your attic or crawlspace isn’t insulated, moisture should be easy to spot. A darker patch of wood indicates a potential leak; if it’s just after a rain, simply touching it will confirm whether it’s from recent wetness or a long-standing stain.

If it’s been awhile since a rain and you can’t tell if the water damage is recent, it’s worthwhile to call a team of professional Calgary roofers to give everything a once-over and make sure it’s watertight.

Calgary Roofers Are Standing By

Stalwart Roofing is a family-owned and family-run business that Calgary can trust, with nearly a decade of experience and satisfied customers to prove it. If you think you might have a leak or just want to make sure you don’t, call us for a roofing inspection today!

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