Identifying Eavestrough Issues Without Climbing Your Calgary Roof

For a full and proper inspection of your eavestroughs, someone will have to climb up on the roof of your Calgary home—or up a ladder next to your Calgary home—and we recommend you leave it to the professionals. But you can give your eavestroughs a quick inspection without climbing up, identifying any major problems and giving you a rough idea of what it will take to fix them..

Looking for Eavestrough Leaks, Sags, and Separations

When you’re working from the ground, spotting problems is easiest in the rain—you’re looking for issues where water is running where it shouldn’t be, so having some water on hand is useful.

First, give your downspouts a quick glance. If the water pouring out of them and being directed away from your house seems reasonable given how hard it’s raining, that’s a good sign—it means at least most of the water hitting your roof is running through your eavestroughs just as it should be.

If the water isn’t flowing right, you have a problem. Walk around the perimeter looking for any areas where water is dripping from the bottom of the eavestroughs, or down the wall of your home. With a large enough leak you might be able to see a hole or a spot where your eavestroughs are pulling away from your home’s roof, but even if you can’t see the problem note the area where you see the water for further inspection.

Sagging eavestroughs are trouble, too—they’ll stop the water from flowing as it needs to and eventually overflow, and the added water weight can cause further damage. Check out your eavestroughs regularly for these issues, and call the professionals when a problem needs fixing!

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