How to Tell If Your Calgary Shingles Need Replacement

When it comes to determining when your Calgary roof needs replacing, there’s no substitute for a professional inspection and opinion. We do those all the time for home- and business owners throughout the Calgary area, and we’d be happy to swing by your place and take a look-see, too.

If you’re the type that just has to get the inside scoop yourself, first, we can respect that—and we’ll even offer a few tips to make sure your investigation of your Calgary is informed and intelligent.

Stay on the Ground

You’re way better off keeping both feet off the ground and staying off your roof. Trust us. It can get dangerous up there, and as important as your roof is it’s not worth a trip to your friendly Calgary emergency room.

Instead of climbing up for a closer look, use binoculars. You’ll actually be able to spot damaged areas or other signs of an over-aged roof even easier, and you’ll be way safer while you go about it.

Know What to Look For

Look along your shingles’ edges as well as the shingle surface. Are they starting to lift or curl? Are any of them cracked or even missing? Are the protective granules worn away? These are all signs that it’s time for at least some touch-up repairs, if not a whole new roof.

Count the Years

For asphalt shingle roofs, 20 years is pretty much the maximum lifespan you’re going to see. If your roof is any older than that, or if you see any of the signs of damage mentioned above, call us today and we’ll give you a straightforward estimate for getting your roof back to a state you can be proud of.

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