High Profile Ridge Cap on your Calgary Roof Replacement

Every residential roof replacement in Calgary has ridge cap.  Where two panels of the roof meet in a crest there is a seam that must be covered with roofing product.  Standard procedure for the last last century has been to cut up the shingles and fasten the pieces to the hip & ridge of the roof.  Recent years have see a major growth in the popularity of “High Profile” ridge caps, and many customers are curious what benefit – if any – the high profile cap has over the regular product.

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High profile ridge cap                                                                                                          Regular ridge cap

Two Reasons For High Profile Ridge Cap on your Calgary Roof Installation

Asthetics – The primary reason homeowners choose to install High Profile Ridge Cap during their Calgary roof replacement is to add more defined look to the home.  The product is almost an inch thick and gives the roof a more “sawtooth” profile when see from the ground.  This is especially desirable  on houses where much of the roof is visible.
Hail Damage Protection – When we are performing an inspection on a home after a hail storm the first place we look for damage to the roof is on the hips and ridges.  Commonly these will have cavities in the sheeting beneath the shingles, and hail can easily punch through the product.  High Profile Ridge Cap is a constructed from several layers of rugged materials, almost an inch thick and infused with rubberised asphalt(SBS).  This gives the product the ability to shrug off hail impacts that would otherwise punch holes in the regular product, and serves to ensure it will last as long as the rest of your roof.

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