Helping Seniors with their Calgary Roof

At Stalwart Roofing we’ve been serving Calgary and area for almost a decade, and served many different types of customer.  In our efforts to provide superior service in the roofing industry we are often called upon to help seniors put a roof on their house when finances may be tight.
While part of our approach is to offer payment plans that help you get the roof on today so you can sleep easy tonight, available to qualifying seniors is the Alberta Government Seniors Home Repair Assistance Program.   This program offers payment of a percentage of the cost of roofing replacement for low-income households, and through the years we have helped many senior households with repairing or replacing their roof in Calgary.
The Alberta government website details the funding levels available to those interested in pursuing funding assistance for their Calgary roofing contractor.  Typically the program will pay 50-60% of the total bill for those seniors that meet the criteria, and the funds may be applied to any part of the home that is required for structural soundness.  This means the repairs or replacement of the roof, eavestrough, siding, foundation, etc.
Seniors may apply for funding assistance once a year, beginning on July 1st.  For seniors with large projects or additional roofing structures such as a detached garage or large shed, separate applications may be made before and after July 1st.  This allows for funding to reach both structures during the crucial summer months.
A roof installation in Calgary can be a large and costly project.  At Stalwart Roofing & Exteriors we are happy to offer payment plans and assistance in applying for financial relief for seniors looking to re-shingle their house or garage.  We know the process can be intimidating and we’re here to help.  That’s why Stalwart Roofing stands out above the crowd as a roofing company that provides excellent service for repairs or replacement of your Calgary roof installation!

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