Another Happy Customer under a Stalwart Roof

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A roofing installation by one of Calgary’s best roofing contractors

This Calgary roofing project in Arbour Lake was completed in Spring of 2014. The customer was having trouble deciding on the colour so we brought over some sample boards, laid them against the siding in the sunlight and went over the options. The homeowner wanted something rich in colour but that wouldn’t limit her options down the road if she wanted to change the window trim and garage door. We suggested the Owens Corning Brownwood shingle for her re-roofing project as it brought out the beige stucco and dark trim, and would allow a fairly wide range of colour changes down the road. Together we decided on adding high profile ridge cap to create a little more definition and help the house stand out a little from the neighbours. We found some evidence of wood rot during our initial inspection, so along with the roof replacement we allowed for rot repair, and the customer elected to install drip edge to avoid roof maintenance in the future.
The homeowner booked the job and within a week our experienced roofers were on site and starting work. The rot repair was fairly straight forward.  We replaced a 12” strip of roof deck along the bottom of the roof above the front doorway and on the rear of the house. Start to finish we spent 2 days shingling the roof and cleaning the eavestrough & job site. The customer stated she was happy to have had some of Calgary’s best roofers work on her house, and will be happy to tell her friends about us in the future. We can’t ask for much higher praise than that, and word of mouth is what keeps Stalwart Roofing functioning as a successful organization.

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