Flashing Fixes Keep Your Calgary Roof Strong

Everyone worries about keeping their roof’s shingles in good repair, and there’s no question that it’s an important part of roof maintenance and of keeping your Calgary home cozy and dry. As long as they are maintained through regular roofing inspections and debris cleanup, though, a well-installed set of shingles should last you up to thirty years without any major problems.

Flashing can be a different story. Because flashing is used to cover up the most vulnerable spots of your roof—the edges of holes cut for chimneys and vents and other places where shingles just can’t do their job—keeping your flashing in good shape is possibly the most important thing you can do to keep your Calgary roof from springing a leak.

Regular Flashing Inspection Means Roof Reliability

Any time you have any work done on your roof, you should have the flashing thoroughly inspected, and any time a new hole needs to be cut or anything is installed on or through your rooftop, the flashing should be installed by a team of licensed professionals. Any punctures to the flashing leave you vulnerable to leaks in the next Calgary downpour, and bends in the flashing from improper installation can create weak points that can lead to leaks down the line.

Keeping your flashing in good shape is easy if you know what to look for, or if you have a team of professionals to do the looking for you. Stalwart Roofing is happy to offer regular roofing inspections, including any flashing repairs, for all homeowners in the greater Calgary area. Winter winds are already blowing, so give us a call and make sure your roof is on right!

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