Finding Leaks in Your Calgary Roof

Ah, roof leaks. The bane of homeowners in Calgary and the world over. The water doesn’t seem to obey the laws of physics that the rest of us have to comply with, and the leak in the roof is almost never in the same spot as the water you notice on the inside of your home.

Here are a few quick steps to finding a minor roof leak so you can keep your Calgary home snug and dry all year ’round.

Look for Roof Leaks from Below…but Not Too Far Below

After water gets under your shingles, its surface tension makes it cling to—and run along—sheathing, rafters, and the topside of your ceiling before it finds a way into your living areas. Looking up from your Calgary bedroom’s floor won’t help you identify the location of the leak, but looking up from the attic will!

Head up to your attic or crawlspace with a bright flashlight, being careful not to walk on insulation or ceiling topsides (you’ll fall through, and you’ll need medical attention in addition to home repair help).

Start by looking for water stains, mold, or other discolorations. Go on your search while it’s still raining and you can look for water itself, just remember that the first place you spot it might not be the source—follow running water back to its highest point and you should spot your leak.

Toss a bucket under a drip to prevent further damage to your home, and when it’s dry you can call the professionals for a quick and easy fix—or try it yourself if you’re super handy (and super safe)!

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