Eavestroughs, Flashing, and Other Calgary Roof Repair Necessities

To do Calgary roof maintenance right, you have to do more than just mingle with the shingles. You also need to get dashing with your flashing and…umm…make sure your eavestroughs are in good repair (don’t worry, we’re way better at roofing than we are at rhyming).

Shingles or other coverings might make up the bulk of your roof’s surface, and there’s no doubt that they’re an important part of keeping your roof maintained, but identifying and repairing problems with your roof doesn’t end there. Here are a few tips from the Calgary roofing professionals to set the record straight.

Eavestrough Problems Are Roofing Problems

Eavestrough problems are actually whole-house problems, as a leaky, sagging, or debris-clogged eavestrough can cause damage and water entry from your roof to your basement. Keeping your eavestroughs clean, straight, and sealed goes a long way toward keeping your Calgary home dry and your roof in solid shape—any time you have a roof inspection or repair done, have the professionals give your eavestroughs a glance, too.

Flashing Seals the Deal on Every Roof

A good set of shingles does a great job for most of your roof, but the sensitive areas require properly-installed and regularly-inspected flashing to keep moisture out and warm air in. Loose, cracked, or unsealed flashing not only presents a risk to your roof and home’s integrity, it can also cause a spike in your Calgary heating and cooling bills by reducing your home’s insular power or R-value.

Get the Right Calgary Roofing Team On Top of Things Today

At Stalwart Roofing, we do it all. If you’re having trouble with your roof or eavestroughs, give us a call today. We’ll be to your Calgary-area home in no time, ready to put your roof back in order.

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