Eavestrough Inspection and Repair for Your Calgary Home

The roof on your Calgary house might be in good shape, but if your eavestroughs are clogged, leaking, crooked, or coming loose, both your roof and the rest of your home are at risk of rot, leaks, and other damage caused by the elements. Roof inspections shouldn’t stop with the shingles—call the Calgary professionals at Stalwart Roofing and we’ll inspect every inch of your eavestroughs, too, giving you a home as safe, secure, and dry as it’s supposed to be.

Eavestroughs Protect Your Home from its Roof to its Calgary Foundations

Your roof does many things, including taking the rain and other precipitation that comes through Calgary and directing it to your eavestroughs, which is where they take over the job of making sure that moisture stays out of the rest of your house. If you’ve noticed water on the walls or floor of your basement—a common problem that causes many Calgary homeowners undue distress—the solution could be as simple as cleaning out your eavestroughs and making sure they’re functioning properly.

Of course, sometimes eavestroughs have problems that are a touch more complex than simply being too filled with leaves, dirt, and other debris to drain the way they’re supposed to. Leaks in eavestrough joints are relatively common, and holes can happen anywhere for a variety of reasons. The strong prairie winds that accompany some of the Calgary weather can also shake eavestroughs loose, leaving gaps between them and your roof that allow large amounts of moisture to go where it isn’t wanted.

Fix Your Eavestroughs. Fix Your Calgary Home

Family-owned Stalwart Roofing is happy to come out and inspect your eavestroughs, whether you’ve noticed a problem or not, and make sure they’re doing their job and keeping your home the way you like it. If you have moisture entering your home, or if it’s simply been awhile since you had someone check and clean your eavestroughs, give us a call today!

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