Does My Leaky Calgary Roof Need Replacing?

You’ve got a leak in your Calgary roof, and that has you wondering: are you going to have to go through the expense and the ordeal of a roof replacement right now, or can it be postponed? We have some good news and some better news when it comes to making sure your Calgary home has a roof you can count on.

Most Roof Leaks Can Be Solved With a Simple Repair

While a roof leak certainly isn’t fun, the good news is that a single leak doesn’t necessarily call for a full replacement of your Calgary roof. Simply repairing the section where the leak is occurring—replacing loose or cracked flashing and/or damaged shingles, replacing a section of underlayment and possibly the sheathing/deck, and other professional roofing patchwork can fix your leak can keep your roof lasting years longer without a replacement.

You’ll need the leak and the rest of your roof inspected before repairs can start, and your trusted Calgary roofer will let you know what the damage looks like and what your options for fixing it are. Chances are, if there’s a single, minor leak, you’ll get away with a cheap, easy, and secure roofing repair job.

When Your Calgary Roof Needs Replacing

If your Calgary roof springs a major leak, or multiple leaks, it could be a sign that your whole roof has simply worn down and does indeed need to be replaced. That’s where the better news comes in: call Calgary’s most trusted roofer, and you’ll get the information you need to make the right decision, and your roof repair or construction done right.

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