Cost management on a Calgary Roof Installation

Calgary Roofing can be an expensive prospect at the best of times, but occasionally costs can arise that the homeowner did not anticipate.  At Stalwart Roofing, we strive to ensure our estimates accommodate for all aspects of your roof replacement.  We have a thorough check-list that we use on every estimate inspection that helps us keep the costs of your Calgary roof replacement in line with your expectations.

The additional costs of a Calgary Roof Installation are usually modest

In order of frequency, here are the costs that occasionally arise above and beyond that of a roof replacement in Calgary.

  • Rot Repair – 30-40% of our Calgary roof replacement projects will require repairs to the roof deck.  Most frequently occurring along the eaves of the house, these are often minor spot repairs of a few sheets or strips of sheathing.  Rot repairs are usually easily accomplished within an hour or two, and the cost is relatively low.  Read all you want to know about rot repair by clicking here.
  • Flashing replacement – Virtually every Calgary Roof Installation Flashings are involved anywhere something penetrates the roof – chimneys, plumbing, ventilation, etc.  Metal flashings are used around skylights, chimneys, bathroom fan vents, and other roof features.  Rubber flashings are found around plumbing vents, and plastic flashings are found around fan vents – these are always replaced and never re-used.  Old metal flashings are the most common source of water penetration as they will often see two or thee roofing installations before being changed.  This is because the metal is installed behind siding and can be quite a technical task to to replace.  The 3 most common types of flashing replacements in order of frequency are: Skylight flashing, Chimney Flashing, and where roof and siding meet.  Read more on metal flashing composition by clicking here.
  • Siding Repair – Sometimes we will have to repair or replace a little siding where it covers existing flashing that needs to be replaced.  In Calgary, roof and siding installations must be well matched to ensure weather doesn’t find its way into your home.  It’s just as important to take it off well as it is to put it back on well.
  • Sheathing Replacement – A house with a poor envelope seal can allow humid air to enter the attic.  Unchecked, moisture will build up and cause the plywood sheathing of a house to buckle, warp, and de-laminate.  The sheathing will no longer hold the nails and must be replaced -along with fixing the underlying problem.  While a rare occurrence In Calgary, Roof Repairs like this are often quite expensive because all the sheathing is usually affected, and this is almost always caught during the estimation process. Read more on the importance of proper ventilation by clicking here.

These are the four most common situations that may add to your repairs bill.  A good Calgary roof contractor will have trained estimators that can catch a lot of these issues before they become a surprise.  That’s why we at Stalwart Roofing take a detail oriented approach to assessing your home – to do our best to account for all circumstances that may arise during your roof installation.

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